3 Ways to Save Money When Having A New Website Built

Julia Delk
Web Design
Aug 9, 2017


Having a custom site built can be expensive on it’s own but below are common pit falls I see people make that add onto the hours and expense of their web development project. While your developer’s fees are non- negotiable, you can certainly cut back on the development hours with a little prep work in advance saving yourself a few bucks in the process. 

Have A Plan.

Something I see add on more hours to an initial project budget than anything is, indecision and lack of a plan. Before your developer/ designer starts working make sure that they know what direction they should be moving in, all brand information is set into stone, and a list of necessary features/ functions has been provided.  While these are things your developer should ask you for, by thinking of these things in advance, you can really give them some good thought and avoid any last minute changes to your project that would put you over budget and hours. 

Some things to ask yourself before the project starts:

- Do you want/ need an SSL certificate? 

- Has your company/ all team members involved agreed on the tone and appearance for your website design?

- Can you provide high quality digital photos for your website or do you want your designer to provide stock images for you?

Some things to do before the project starts:

- Decide on a domain name and stick to it.

- Have a reliable team member who can be available to answer questions and provide material to your developer/ designer. In fact, have a back up person just in case.

- Know if you will be hosting your website yourself or if you need hosting provided for you.

Provide Your Own Content.

While content writing services are an extremely popular route to go for new websites, if you’re looking to save a little money on your invoice opt for providing your own content. Not only will this save you money, but it can also make things a little easier on your developer too. Just make sure to provide your content in a word document so it can be easily checked for spelling/ grammar errors and copied/ pasted into your website.

Is writing not your forte? Check out the below resources to help guide you through the process:

How To Write Home Page Content

9 Tips For Writing Great Business Website Content

Keep It Simple.

Especially if this is your first website, or if it’s been a long time since your site had a redesign, it’s easy to get excited and want as many features as possible. However, many specialty features such as auto updating databases, subscription quizzes, chat systems, etc can add major hours and money to a website project.  Instead, think about the features you need right now and keep a list of the features you want for the future. By starting simple, you can make a more educated decision when expanding your website down the road. 

Some examples of simple but awesome websites:

The Wholesale Lead Network

Burlap and Bling Design Studio

Lux Tea Company

Have some ideas on how to save money on web development? Share them in the comments! 

Julia Delk
Julia Delk is the owner of Red Pixie Media Solutions.She loves building websites,being a kick- ass graphic designer,and learning new things.

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