Last Minute Holiday Marketing Ideas

Julia Delk
Dec 18, 2017


My fellow business owners, have you been crazy busy during this holiday season too? Slacking on your marketing efforts? Below are some simple, and quick marketing ideas that you can still enact now before Christmas and New Years. They range from low cost to moderately priced.

Hold a special sale for your best customers only, at a time when you’re normally closed (i.e. open Christmas Eve 8pm-12am).

By offering to be open for extended or special hours, you provide a way for customers to take care of last minute holiday shopping during a time that they normally wouldn't be able to (but probably need to). Everyone wants to feel special sometimes, and offering these hours to loyal past customers can do just that.

Send real holiday cards, not e-cards.

In the age of quick emails and texts, believe it or not, people really respond to a nice, hand-written note. It shows this person that you thought they were worth the extra time it takes to craft a unique letter, and drop it off at the post office. So few people do this, that you'll likely stand out from the crowd and be remembered the next time they could use your product or service. In case anyone else is thinking the same thing, try sending yours for New Years or right after New Years.

Get listed in local bloggers’ holiday gift guides.

It’s too late for any print ads in publications but you can probably find a few local bloggers who are writing “last minute” shopping guides. Reach out to them with free samples of products or services. While a lot of bloggers will have filled their ad space, there may be a few with some openings left and successful bloggers tend to have a mighty following.

Feed the crowd. Hand out free cookies or beverages to energize tired shoppers.

Never underestimate the power of a cookie. If you’re located inside of a shopping mall or outdoor shopping center, give out some free sample sized goodies to help energize shoppers and hopefully grab their attention long enough to get a few extra visitors. Try to remember to stay away from baked goods with nuts (especially peanuts), and fruit to avoid any allergy issues.

Give away gifts with purchase.

Grab the attention of last minute shoppers with free gifts that they can use as stocking stuffers. Or it’s a nice extra treat that they’ll keep for themselves. Either way, it should be something small and useful. If you’re a shoe store, give away a free pair of socks or shoelaces. For a little extra pizzazz, pre-wrap all of your free gifts before giving them to customers.

Sell gift cards.

Offer gift cards as convenient gifts for your customers to snag quickly and easily. Gifts cards are perfect for last minute shoppers that can’t make up their mind on a specific gift. Place them in easy to see places in your store like the end of aisles, or by the front register. Bam. Instant new purchase, instant new potential repeat customer.

Print a customized 2018 calendar to give out to your clients.

Take advantage of some of the great deals that printing companies have going on right now and get some custom calendars printed with your branding and product photos. A calendar is a excellent way to stay on your customer’s mind year round as well as advertise any events you have planned for the following year. Give your calendars away to all of your customers starting from the end of December through January.

Enjoy these last minute marketing ideas for the holiday season and feel free to share some of your own ideas in the comments below! 

Julia Delk
Julia Delk is the owner of Red Pixie Media Solutions.She loves building websites,being a kick- ass graphic designer,and learning new things.

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