Build Gates Project

With years of experience, Build Gates strives to provide the best quality gates to their customers and contractors. With excellent customer service, and a penchant for detail, Build Gates is a no-brainer choice for the busy home owner, or corporate business.

" We build quality gates."

Build Gates approached us while preparing for a large expansion. While they already had a website, they felt it lacked the professional, modern feel that they wanted to represent their business. After careful consideration of the design, we happily took on this project to help Build Gates reach their branding goals and help their web presence better resonate with their target audience.

Our main focuses when designing Build Gates was to update it's appearance to something more professional as well as showcase their work more effectively. A premium design that utilized diagonal assets and sections brought some much needed "pizzazz" to the design while still presenting Build Gates professionally. Original assets were also created to continue the theme of the design and flesh out their branding further. Content writing was provided to accurately, and tastefully present all their important key points and service information to their website visitors. The combined efforts of these design aspects created an excellent environment for Build Gates to further their customer reach and brand recognition.

Special features on Build Gates' website:

  • Premium Design
  • Content Writing
  • Custom Graphic Design Assets

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