Camelot Beach Suites Project

Camelot Beach Suites is an award winning, art- deco style hotel. Located less than 100 yards from Clearwater, Florida's Sugar Sand Beach, Camelot Beach Suites offers a room for every vacation personality. With unparalleled customer service, cleanliness, and amenities for extra comfort- Camelot Beach Suites offers a truly memorable experience for vacations and special events.

"Every room is a suite at Camelot."

Camelot stumbled upon Red Pixie's services after their previous developer could not finished their project due to new personal commitments. While the previous developer had started a home page, the new website was left in a barely started state.

Camelot required a large amount of graphic design work in regards to creating original icons/ graphics, and editing property photos for size/ speed optimization ( an image heavy website can start to slow down on overall load speed if precautions are not taken). It was also important to the owner that they were able to work with us closely on both the design and written content on the site. For this reason, we worked at a slower pace, designing the site one section at a time. Due to it's feature rich environment, Camelot was a challenging but enjoyable project.

Special features on Camelot Beach Suites' website:

  • Premium Design
  • Multi-layer Slider
  • Cusotm Slideshows
  • Photobox Effect- On the certificates presented on the Reviews and Awards page, when a visitor clicks on one of the certificates, the image blows up in size so the visitor can see it better.
  • Custom Graphic Design Assets and Work
  • Accordion Style Amenities Section
  • Live Web Cam Stream of Property
  • Hotel Booking Engine
  • Responsive Map

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