EFA Project ( In Development)

***This website is still in development as it's awaiting some minor content delivery, and final design approval. Watermarked images are still being used in the design until approval. Read on for a list of special features and see an in action video of the website!

Education for Advancement was founded in 2007 with a vision of providing international students with access to flexible and affordable, world-class education. EFA Learning has assisted thousands of students select studies that best suite their personal and professional needs, through partnership with leading US and UK universities. EFA also provides assistance in obtaining a student visa for international students looking to study in the US.

" We're more than just a provider of education.
We're a partner."

After building a great working relationship with EFA via graphic design projects they'd hired Red Pixie to do in the past, they came to us with their goal of re-designing their current website. They were looking to do a bit of rebranding with the focus being to simplify their current website. While they felt they built up a great deal of useful resources on their current site, they felt it was almost an overload of information. On top of this, they wanted their website to be trendy, but professional with no more than two pages.

EFA had found an interesting reference site with lots of shapes incorporated including diagonal sectionals. While taking a bit of an effort to make happen, we invested in the additional time it would take to mimic the diagonal section due to the creative and unique illusion it establishes. After this, it was just a matter of creating relevant icons and images to further the atmosphere, while finding appropriate placement for the content. To give a little something to this "to-the-point" website; we added some simple but charming animations to some of the icons and information "slide-ins".

Special features on EFA's website:

  • Premium Alternative Design- Diagonal Sections
  • Custom Contact Pop Up Form
  • Custom Graphic Design Assets
  • Simple Animations

EFA's website is still under development but feel free to check out a quick, in action video below!

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