Hair Waxing: Logo Mockup  Designs

We created these original logo mock ups when we were considering pitching our services to a hair waxing salon. We never did end up showing them these designs but we had a lot fun making them and thought they turned out great!

"Creativity is contagious, pass it on."
– Albert Einstein

We love having the opportunity to experiment and create. Sometimes, inspiration just comes and having the ability to stretch out our skills and creativity during down times helps to keep us fresh, and motivated.

Our favorite design out of these is the orange one with the wax circle. We don't know what it is, but we love what the visual does mentally- the goopey wax circle presumably on the counter. It's fun, and different- something that we could see working well for a salon looking to appeal to millennials living in the city. It was also enjoyable to play with the idea of waxing paper pulling off some of the business name. Our last design has more of a modern, corporate feel but it reflects nicely for a more high-end, professional brand.

All of these are very different ideas from each other but ones that we could see going far for the right salon.

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