Healthea: Logo Design

Healthea Enertea is a healthy tea blend that aids in gut health and supporting your immune system. Healthea is unique because it contains organic ingredients that were selected after researching their natural medicinal properties, has no artificial sweeteners, and is filled with antioxidants. Healthea was founded and created by two hard-working moms/doctors who discovered the beneficial blend after attempting to find a way to improve their own gut health.

"Enertea: A treat to feel better."

Healthea was a blast. We had the amazing opportunity to develop a full branding package for Healthea by creating their logo, website, and business cards. While it took us some time to hone in on Healthea's exact logo, we enjoyed exploring a a handful of concepts and fine tuning the details with the owners.

It was very important to Healthea that their logo reflect the feelings and essence they felt in regards to their tea blend- simple, natural, comforting, modern, and beneficial. While we nailed the tea cup symbol, it took a bit of patience to find the perfect blend of colors and fonts to complete the overall design. We worked closely with the owners, comparing numerous versions and options before we, together, established the logo that Healthea was dreaming of.

For more information about Healthea checkout their website below:

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