HK Surgical: Catalog and Garment Order Form Designs

Hk Surgical is the recognized leader in the development, distribution and marketing of superior tumescent equipment and supplies. Hk Surgical is the original designer and distributors of the one and only, Klein Infiltration Pump and Klein Touch Pump and is the exclusive distributor of the Patented Capistrano Cannula, Midine Liposuction Positioning Pillow and The HK Super Absorbent Pad.

"The world's most comprehensive source for Tumescent products."

This catalog project was interesting in that we really only started about halfway through. This was challenging in it's own right, as we needed to make both minor and major adjustments to some pages, create whole new pages, and rearrange the original page order while maintaining the original designer's theme and style.

The most challenging aspect of this catalog project was going into each page's source file, and ripping the individual assets the original designer had created to make copies. We then manipulated the asset copies to create original graphic creations of our own following the original designer's artistic formula, while still maintaining the original file quality of the assets. This allowed us to create a seamless integration of both the requested revisions to the catalog, as well as the original additions.

Furthering our work with HK Surgical, we was asked to create an order form for their post- op garments. We wanted to continue their branding theme while also creating a unique but easily readable design. For this reason, we used slightly larger font than normal and did our best to organize the information in a clean and concise manner. We made the stylistic choice to include images of each product and made the layout more image focused in general to simplify ordering. Behind the images, we repeated the dark blue background that accompanies the photos in their catalog theme. The use of their branding colors was repeated as well.

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