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Hk Surgical is the recognized leader in the development, distribution and marketing of superior tumescent equipment and supplies. Hk Surgical is the original designer and distributors of the one and only, Klein Infiltration Pump and Klein Touch Pump and is the exclusive distributor of the Patented Capistrano Cannula, Midine Liposuction Positioning Pillow and The HK Super Absorbent Pad.

"The world's most comprehensive source for Tumescent products."

A fun, on going project we have with HK Surgical are HTML email blasts. First we create a mock-up design in Photoshop of the email layout as a whole. We design everything to be a finished product and then send the design file to HK Surgical for approval. After any necessary tweaks are made, we begin re-creating the design as an HTML email using code.

In order to create the HTML email, we first need to chop up our approved design file into image assets. After this, we can start coding the specifications and basic layout for the design. Once this is done, we have to inject the images into the code and make adjustments to the code variables as necessary, based off any changes the images caused. Finally, we revisit the content as a whole and add any "clickable" link actions for the recipient. We'll run a few tests of the email to make sure it's functioning properly and then we'll send a final approval test to HK Surgical.

Why use HTML email blasts? While they take much more effort to make, HTML email blasts will resize, and maintain original quality for all screen types. This is especially important considering how many people view their email on their phones and tablets.

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