Lux Tea Co Re-Design Project

Lux Tea Company sells high end loose leaf tea and tea accessories. Taking great pride in providing the best quality teas to all tea lovers, far and wide, the commitment Lux Tea practices to their craft is truly inspiring. Lux Tea Company- honoring quality, tranquility, and simple indulgence.

"The Finest Teas.
An Everyday Luxury."

Lux Tea Company found Red Pixie while they were still developing their brand. This was a great deal of fun as we were able to work together to develop and bring the concept of Lux Tea to life. After successfully creating a website that inferred the luxury and quality of the tea they provide, Lux Tea came back to Red Pixie a year later for a fresh look and re-design.

A fresh, clean look was needed for this re-design in order to exemplify the growth Lux Tea had undergone and put them visually on the same map as larger tea companies such as Teavana, and Capital Teas. To do this, we switched them from a dark, earthy color scheme to a lighter color scheme that incorporated more white, and hints of light green while maintaining the use of gold as a contrast color to keep their branding in tact. We also added some fun new features like an Instagram feed.

Special features on lux tea co's website:

  • Premium Design
  • Professional Content Writing
  • Custom Graphic Design Assets
  • Instagram Feed
  • Mail Chimp Newsletter Subscription Pop-Up
  • Product Slideshow
  • Account Option for Cart- Allows returning customers to save their shipping and billing information for future orders as well as track their current orders.

Check out Lux Tea Company 2.0 for yourself:

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