Outright Sports: Logo Design

Outright Sports is a sports investment club open to all serious sports investors. Both founders have been widely regarded by their peers to be leading authorities in the fields of odd- making and thoroughbred handicapping for over 25 years. Combining their efforts, they hope to provide you with the best possibility of an outright win.

"The best available proposition with the maximum yield of ROI."

Outright Sports had a basic idea of what they were looking for but overall were very open to suggestions and allowed us to take creative freedom when developing their design. They were looking to stick to some or all of the following colors to meet their branding needs: green, grey, and black. They had also proposed creating their logo within $100 bill or in general giving a sports feel- such as a football field or something similar.

With our mock-up designs, we started building off some the ideas Outright Sports spun at us by devising their logo in a field/ sports environment. We decided to try two routes with this, the first one is using a common football font style for their business abbreviation, OS, and placing a grass texture inside it while incorporating their requested color scheme. The second route we took was more modern, and simple. We created a symbol using the OS of their business name to look like a money sign inside a emblem with a growing field spanning behind it. For this one, we stuck to hues of green. The next idea we tried out was creating a $100 bill with their business abbreviation but the concept just didn't work well on paper.

The final design we created was outside the initial concepts. We decided to experiment with creating a modern, compact design that was a little more poignant when getting across the name ( we were feeling the "OS" could be confusing to people who didn't know what they did). We also wanted to step away from the use of dark greens and use something a little more vibrant and modern. While subtle, we thought this design spoke better to viewers than the other designs in regards to what the company does.

Outright Sports loved the last design we created so much that they took it as is.

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