Pool Outdoor Living Supplies:
Logo Mockup  Designs

Pool Outdoor Living Supplies provides luxury outdoor living supplies such as Outdoor Kitchens, Outdoor Showers, Fire Pots, Pergolas and so much more. On top of 35 years of experience in the swimming pool, spa, fountain and spray ground industry, Pool Outdoor Living Supplies also shares over 25 years of accomplishments as an independent manufacturers’ representative.

"When nature and luxury combine."

Pool Outdoor Living Supplies was established by SEG Aquatics whom we've spent some time working with on a multitude of projects including but not limited to, a logo, business cards, a catalog, social media management, and a website. Due to our past working relationship, we are given a lot of freedom when it comes to developing new ideas which is always fun.

In our endeavor to continuously improve and provide our clients with the best, Red Pixie has started showing 3D and 2D views of our logo designs for the client to choose from. In the case of this design, Pool Outdoor Living Supplies wanted something that would be memorable, and a little fun that they could blend with their current branding. We experimented a lot with playful fonts and pool related graphical assets. Ultimately, everyone's favorite was the most graphical eccentric design that really showcases the whole idea of what being out by the pool and sunshine entails.

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