SEASALT Properties Project

SEASALT Properties are international, experienced Realtors© who understand and love the Tampa Bay area and beach lifestyle. SEASALT assists clients in buying, selling or managing their beach homes with top customer service, modern tools and local expertise.

" Welcome to SEASALT – Welcome to a life enhanced with sun and sea."

SEASALT Properties had a well-built brand and marketing routine but was missing a extraordinary website to match their quality of work and services. RedPixie worked one on one with the company's two partners to create a custom website tailored to their brand and target audience.

Focus for this project was heavily spent on unifying SEASALT's current branding and marketing strategies with a website environment that matched. It can be tricky working with the boundaries of an established brand but, in this case, RedPixie had a blast developing a live Facebook feed, integrating custom sliders, and bringing SEASALT's brand to life in website form.

Special features on SEASALT Properties' website:

  • Premium Design
  • Live Facebook Feed
  • Content Writing
  • Sliders
  • Custom Graphic Design Assets
  • Simple Animations

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