Connect With Your Customers Where They Are The Most.

Connect with your customers where they are the most.

"Around 1 in every 3 minutes is spent online is devoted to social networking and messaging, with digital consumers engaging for a daily average of 1 hour and 58 minutes."
- Small Business Trends -

As we continue to witness online browsing/purchasing to grow, think of all the advantages social media use can offer your business:

Social media has become a powerful marketing tool but perhaps the most significant attribute is that it's free. No matter if you're a startup business, or a multi billion dollar company- you have the tools available to you to reach out to people and spread your brand all over the world.

The trick? Knowing how to use those tools properly to achieve their full potential for your business.

What we do when we manage
your social media accounts:

  • Develop a Custom Social Media Content Calendar- We will plan out how to market and optimize high-quality content that will provide you with what you need to gain customer attention, maintain interest, and expand to reach new prospects.
  • Create Compelling, Marketable Content, to Build Your Credibility and Gain Customer Trust- Using our graphic design and writing abilities as well as our social media knowledge, we will ensure the that content we create is high in quality, original, and optimized for today’s major search engines. Red Pixie will also meet the standards set out by the medical guide to social media use for businesses in the health and medical fields.
  • Create A Social Strategy That Will Turn Your Followers Into Active Engagers- We will create beneficial offers, original content, and maintain consistent post schedules to promote followers and paying customers.
  • Network Through Social Media Channels to Spread Brand Awareness- We will be monitoring your social media accounts throughout the day to respond to any comments or messages produced by customers as well as possibly communicating with associated businesses, bloggers, and social media influencers.

All of our social media packages include research time, networking, answering and/ or redirecting social
media platform messages, and one monthly report to show your ROI (Return of Investment).

Your ROI report will discuss your growth of channels (followers), rate of engagement ( reflects quality of posts, how many people engage in your content), referral traffic to website ( how many people went to your website after visiting social media platforms), and any “bonus wins” (such as interactions with big influencers on social media, guest blog invites, photo shoot invites, etc).

Graphics and images we use on your accounts are created from scratch using Adobe Illustrator, or Adobe Photoshop. We may use stock images in our designs which are licensed and paid for by Red Pixie. We do not recycle graphics, so the graphics we use for your business are solely made and used for your business.

For text content, we conduct research beforehand on the subject to ensure the accuracy of our writing. Upon collecting our research, we then use it and any prior knowledge to write an original thought or piece of writing. For extensive writing pieces (like blog posts), we’ll send a preview to the your business' team before posting so that we may obtain approval on both the subject matter and quality of writing.

For shared content, Red Pixie goes above and beyond to only share content from highly respected members and/ or organizations in your related field. While the majority of our content is created from scratch, it’s good social media practice to occasionally share content from other relevant websites and social media avenues to your business.  It shows that you are up to date with new happenings in your field, and shows that you are an active and engaged member of the social community (not just posting for the sake of posting).

We also of course share promotions, products, etc from your business.

Social media platforms that we manage:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Google+
  • LinkedIn
  • Alignable
  • Blogs

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