The Power of Two and EFA Learning: Flyer Designs

EFA Learning:
Education for Advancement was founded in 2007 with a vision of providing international students with access to flexible and affordable, world-class education. EFA Learning has assisted thousands of students select studies that best suite their personal and professional needs, through partnership with leading US and UK universities. EFA also provides assistance in obtaining a student visa for international students looking to study in the US.

The Power of Two:
With over 23 years of combined experience, Cindy Lockhart and Gina Morgando are an unstoppable real estate team. Providing you with superior marketing reach, "The Power of Two" utilizes the global resources of the two companies that they represent: Keller Williams Realty Select, and RE/MAX Platinum Realty to smoothly guide you through the stages of buying or selling your home.

EFA Learning:
"Driving enrollment growth for your institution in international markets."

The Power or Two:
"Twice the Selling Power:
Double your national and international marketing exposure. 
Let us show you how we get homes sold!

EFA Learning:
EFA participates in education seminars often and had contacted us after losing their long- time designer. It was important to them that their design be modern but also very eye catching and invokes the idea of the USA at a glance. As you can see compared to The Power of Two's modern flyer design, due to their other requests, we took the idea of modern in a very different route. We chose to incorporate large, blocked areas for content and used lots of color to create an animated, "mod" feel. We manipulated the top half of the layout to remind the viewer of the American flag to further support the flyer's subject matter.

The Power of Two:
This flyer was a sister design to The Power of Two's Postcard Design. While we wanted both of the designs to pair well together and work as a team, we also wanted the flyer to have the ability to be a stand alone marketing piece with it's own unique features. Using a mixture of design elements from other marketing materials we created for The Power of Two, as well as some new assets, we were able to create a new layout effect while staying on brand. Like with the postcard, this design is functional with images that can be switched out based off the property they are currently wanting to showcase.

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