The Power of Two:
PowerPoint Presentation Design

With over 23 years of combined experience, Cindy Lockhart and Gina Morgando are an unstoppable real estate team. Providing you with superior marketing reach, "The Power of Two" utilizes the global resources of the two companies that they represent: Keller Williams Realty Select, and RE/MAX Platinum Realty to smoothly guide you through the stages of buying or selling your home.

"Twice the Selling Power:
Double your national and international marketing exposure.
Let us show you how we get homes sold!

Working with The Power of Two was phenomenal! They had a good idea of what they were looking for but couldn't find a designer to meet their needs. We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to help this real estate team build their branding as a duo. The first most important facet of their marketing material, was their consultation PowerPoint that they could send digitally to prospects, as well as use for in person presentations, and print it for an in- folder reference/ welcome guide.

We really enjoyed creating the sleek, modern style that The Power of Two were hoping to develop for their brand. We loved finding fun, interesting ways to showcase their material such as designing the two charts above and incorporating them into the PowerPoint presentation. Little touches like these are essential in cultivating a clean, modern environment for content while avoiding the pitfall of being boring and bland. For this reason ( and more), never underestimate the use of contrast colors and well matched graphics.

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