The Power of Two: Sticker Design

With over 23 years of combined experience, Cindy Lockhart and Gina Morgando are an unstoppable real estate team. Providing you with superior marketing reach, "The Power of Two" utilizes the global resources of the two companies that they represent: Keller Williams Realty Select, and RE/MAX Platinum Realty to smoothly guide you through the stages of buying or selling your home.

"Twice the Selling Power:
Double your national and international marketing exposure. 
Let us show you how we get homes sold!

While we wanted to maintain The Power of Two's theme, we didn't want any of their material to appear stale or over-used. Since their preferred sticker dimensions resulted in an oval, we decided to take advantage of this and create a unique ring effect with their brand colors overlapping one another. Due to the size of the sticker ( roughly 6in by 3 in) the biggest challenge was fitting all the necessary information without making the font too small or cramped.

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