The Wholesale Lead Network Project

The Wholesale Lead Network provides high quality leads and lead services at an affordable price in the following areas: auto and insurance. By simply joining The Wholesale Lead Network, you are given access to a network that allows you to decide what leads you purchase, when you purchase them, and all at a price that you want to spend.

"If you want to pay more for leads, that's your business.
If you want to pay less, that's ours!

The Wholesale Lead Network found Red Pixie when they were just forming. While those behind The Wholesale Lead Network have over two decades of experience in both the retail and wholesale lead industry, they were looking to finally strike out as their own company.

It was such a privilege to work The Wholesale Lead Network. It was was very important to them that their website be clean, simple, and to the point. With this in mind as well as their content amount, we suggested a one- pager website that wouldn't waste a visitor's time loading multiple pages. We incorporated the use of several "people" graphic assets upon the owner's request to use as a sort of mascot. This allowed us to match fun, and memorable graphics with the clean, modern design we cultivated.

Special features on
The Wholesale Lead Network's website:

  • One- Pager Alternative Design
  • Responsive Map
  • Simple Animations

Check out The Wholesale Lead Network for yourself:

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