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Whether you're a new business just getting started or a matured business looking for a revamp, you understand the importance of a well established web presence. You need an experienced developer to ensure flawless functionality,  a skilled copy writer to ensure engaging content, and an artistic mind to create a layout design/ UI experience that will cultivate an inviting atmosphere for your visitors.

As a team of highly skilled developers, designers, and artists, we offer a unique coupling of web development and web design. This means that we can develop highly responsive and complex website backend systems while also having the ability to design aesthetically pleasing interfaces from the layout to custom graphics. As a bonus, with our writers, we can provide highly researched, SEO friendly content to represent your business accurately and professionally.

Features that are included with all Red Pixie
Web Development and Web Design Quotes Are as follows:

  • Design a Unique, Original Website to your specifications
  • Image Optimization ( I will optimize any image sizes to make sure your website still loads fast)
  • Text content uploading
  • Image uploading
  • Contact Form (optional)
  • Social Media Link Hookup (optional)
  • Mobile and Tablet friendly design
  • Site Map (for search engines to crawl)
  • Meta Tags and Keywords ( this is basic SEO)
  • Basic Security
  • Overall website speed optimization
  • Moving your completed website to your hosting server of choice ( if applicable)
  • WordPress tutorial ( if applicable)

All websites that Red Pixie develops are compatible with the most popular screen sizes and browsers as well as mobile and tablet friendly. Anything less falls short of today's demands for a modern website. Google, in 2016, started counting a websites' mobile/ tablet friendliness towards it's SEO ranking. 

On top of writing clean code, we optimize all uploaded images for speed to ensure a fast load time for your visitors. This not only keeps your visitors happy and on your site, but also benefits your SEO efforts as search engines look favorably on quick loading speeds.

Security is also incredibly important, especially if your business collects visitor/ customer data such as contact details, personal information, and credit card information. This is why we include basic security for all websites we create. The type of security we use for your site will depend on the type of code we use to build your website, if and what kind of CMS we use, and the level of security you need.

The other feature that we believe is incredibly important that we include with all Red Pixie quotes, is a free WordPress tutorial at the completion of the project for those needing a Content Management System ( CMS).

WordPress is our usual go- to for a CMS suggestion. Why? In our experience, WordPress has great support options, an outstanding  community, and a variety of helpful plugins available for use. It's also fairly simple to learn to use. However, more importantly, WordPress is going to be sticking around a for while. There is nothing worse than having to move your site or recreate it due to a service you use is no longer being offered.

Common features that Red Pixie provides:

  • E-commerce
  • Customer accounts for quick purchases and order tracking
  • Appointment making software
  • Forms
  • Surveys
  • Sliders
  • Slideshows
  • Hotel booking engine integrations
  • Blogs

Optional  Maintenance:

It is good industry practice for websites to be checked up on, and the code as well as security updated periodically. We know a lot people who've built websites back in the 90s and never implemented a maintenance schedule. However, we warn clients against this now as today with how the internet has evolved, the risk is much greater for DDOS attacks, viruses, etc on sites that are left unprotected and not updated periodically.

For this reason, Red Pixie highly recommends to all of our website customers, to purchase a maintenance package with a developer- even if it's not us.

Below is our most basic monthly maintenance package as an example:

  • Check for and implement site updates ( such as code and features)
  • Security Analysis and any security updates implemented
  • Once a month back up of your website ( so if your website were to be lost or corrupted for any reason it can be restored exactly as it was almost immediately)
  • Cache system- takes images of your website and posts the static images during emergencies. So if you server goes down, your site remains live for visitors for a window of time while the issue is being fixed
  • Hosting included (optional)- hosting that gives client full access, cpanel, ftp, etc.

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